Calendar 2023-24

Note the change of date for Installation – Monday 27 May 2024

Orders of Dress

4th Degree Monday October 23rd 2023Black TieBlack Tie
14th Degree Monday December 11th 2023Black TieWhite Tie
18th Degree Monday February 26th 2024Black TieBlack Tie
30th Degree Monday March 25th 2024Black TieBlack Tie
Maundy Thursday March 28th 2024 Collars but no JewelsBlack TieBlack Tie
32nd Degree Saturday April 20th 2024Black TieBlack Tie
Installations Monday May 27th 2024Black TieBlack Tie
Revised 22/5/24

Dinners and Luncheons

Past Most Wise Sovereign Dinner 
To be announced

Past Thrice Puissant Grand Master Dinner
To be announced

Past Commander in Chief Luncheon
To be announced

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